24hr physical guarding on various sites and locations as commercial, retail, industrial, domestic guarding. A guard varies from grade E up to grade A depending on the nature of the site and location. All 4 Security officers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority board (P.S.I.R.A.) and are screened before employment is granted. All 4 Security has a pool of stand by guards, so that guards can be dispatched at any given time. All security officers are healthy and well groomed and under go a refresher course every 3 months.

K9 Unit:

Our company has a dedicated K9 unit, with trained K9 handlers on stand by available.

VIP guarding:

We offer VIP service to various governmental departments with armed bodyguards and bulletproof vehicles.

Social/Special Events:

We offer security to various governmental departments, sports organizations, schools, community newspapers, social gatherings and church organizations.

Residential Guarding:

Offer bicycle patrol in various residential areas.

Security Consulting:

Consulting for various governmental departments and commercial.

Poly Graph Testing:

We offer highly sophisticated polygraph testing to governmental departments, retail, industrial and forensic institutions.

Monitoring and Armed Response:

24hr monitoring and dedicated armed response vehicles and officers

Cash Collecting:

Cash collecting and deposits for various clients on a daily basis